About Us

About Us

Pacific Sports was established in 1990. Since our inception, we have been the exclusive distributor for ASHAWAY strings and MOLTEN game balls in Singapore – the 2 main brands that have been the mainstay of our business.

In our partnership with ASHAWAY, we are the licensed manufacturer of all racket sports products (excluding strings, which are manufactured by ASHAWAY Line & Twine Manufacturing Co).

As the official licensee and distributor, we are extremely proud to have grown ASHAWAY into the household racket sports brand that it is today. Our distribution network for ASHAWAY products now spans across the entire globe – ranging from South Africa, to Mexico, Maldives, Dubai, New Zealand, India and many more. This is a testament to our continuous effort in creating high-quality ASHAWAY products that cater to the needs of every player. Our rackets, shuttlecocks and equipment have become crowd favourites among racket sport lovers everywhere – recreational players and professionals alike.

We are also very proud of our decades-long collaboration with MOLTEN, for whom we are now the exclusive distributor in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and parts of India.

Thanks to their tireless innovation and pursuit of excellence in game ball technology, MOLTEN has now become a premium game ball brand that is well-loved by many. Whether in basketball, football, handball, volleyball, futsal or netball, MOLTEN has come a long way in establishing itself as a leader in the field. We are very proud that MOLTEN has now become the go-to ball brand for a large proportion of local and regional tournaments – even being used as the official ball for SUKAN MALAYSIA (SUKMA), the SEA Games, and many more. We are also deeply grateful to the many schools, institutions and game ball federations in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei who have consistently chosen MOLTEN as their ball of choice, whether for training or for competitions.

Besides ASHAWAY and MOLTEN, we have also been the exclusive distributor for PATRICK in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei since 2006.

On top of our manufacturing, wholesale and export business, we have also managed the sports retail section in ISETAN since 1992, and continue to do so today.

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Pacific Sports is a leading wholesaler of sports goods in Singapore. We work closely not only with the many retail stores islandwide, but also with various academies, schools, institutions, and sports federations.

Should you wish to engage us on a wholesale basis, please contact us and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. 


Pacific Sports is the leading exporter of ASHAWAY products globally (excluding strings, which are exported by ASHAWAY Line & Twine Manufacturing Co).

Please note that, for MOLTEN products, we distribute strictly within Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and some parts of India.

Should you wish to engage us on an export basis, please contact us and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.